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The amazing story of a homeless man who secretly invested in big company stocks and made over $1.3 million dollars!

Sawyer Fletcher, who died recently, lived on the street for more than 40 years. After his death last month, it suddenly turned out that the old man had been a successful investor. He was spending the money he earned on the cans, making very smart investments in the stocks of major global companies, and making SUPER PROFITS!

The incredible success story of a HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE from a park bench

To the outside world, Sawyer Fletcher was a poor can collector. The old man spent about 40 years roaming the streets of his native town, cycling around in his blue jacket and ragged pants almost daily, collecting tin cans and bottle for cash.

He was, in the eyes of most people, an ordinary street bum.

Instead, when Sawyer Fletcher died at the age of 66 a few months ago, he left more than $1.9 million. He had left behind shares almost a $1.3 million on his personal offshore bank account, and for the rest he bought more than 100 gold bars that he hided at home.

How did he do it? Thrift and smart investing made him rich.

As well as eating left-over food from bins and wearing the same filthy clothes, Mr Fletcher would regularly study the financial pages of newspapers in the town's public library every day. He went to the library every day because he didn't buy newspapers.

He knew the stock market inside out.' - his cousin left the commentary to us. It was thanks to his shrewd decisions that he amassed his fortune.

The closet millionaire was described by relatives as a 'very clever' child who had dropped out of school after a personal crisis. His fortune came to light after a row developed following his death, because Mr Fletcher carried his secret wealth into his grave.

All was known is that he skillfully invested in the stocks of worlds's best companies.

The Shocking Truth: How to Earn Your Own Additional Passive Income On Finance Investing In Simple 3 Steps, Homeless Sawyer Fletcher Style

Our editorial board became interested in this story. We decided to delve deeper into it than other media have done so far. If a homeless man was able to learn how to make money from stocks, then every one of our readers has a right to have the same opportunity.

Sawyer Fletcher had made a will leaving his entire fortune to one cousin who visited him during the months leading up to his death. But another cousin who believed his father was entitled to a slice of the fortune contested the will when the full extent of the estate emerged.

So, the incredible life story of "trash can millionaire" had a wistful ending in a lawsuit between his relatives over the ownership of an unexpected fortune. They're trying to settle the conflict right now.

We also asked the relatives of the hero of the story to share details for the sake of our readers. They declined to comment directly, but passed on some of the deceased's documents. Sawyer Fletcher's account statement showed the main source of income: Platform.

Stock Investment Income


Digital Investments ("Platform")


Customer expenses (categories are not specified)


Ending Balance on


Time: 11:27
Bank representative: Kevin Rolle

It turned out to be simpler than it seemed at first glance. Sawyer Fletcher had been investing in stocks on his own for years, with little success. Recently, however, he had become very rich. It turns out that all of his modest savings were invested in a system that generates regular, automatic passive income. The best part: almost no one knows about it. We have not seen any advertising for this project, which is able to attract millions of users.

However, the project team's contacts were in the public domain. The truth about the mysterious "secret" product became clear.

So we got in touch with one of the founders, who shared more information about the project.

Jake Saunders, Chief Development Engineer of Platform

Platform is a finance auto trading system powered by artificial intelligence. We have created a self-learning logic core to accurately identify the most profitable transactions in the stock market market and predict growth trends.

Our main goal was to create an innovative trading tool that did not exist before so that even a child or a very old man could make money on stocks.

Our product wasn't widely announced because we have a technical limit on the number of users. There's no need to overload the system. It is used by only a few hundred investors now. We welcome all new users, but you should hurry up.

Now we are continuing to develop the system, but big banks are trying in every possible way to hide any information about Platform.

It is difficult for us to work in such a situation, and what warms our souls is the letters of gratitude from our users. These are ordinary people who have already tried the investing opportunities and have a stable passive income. For example, here is a letter that came to us yesterday.

Louie Fletcher, 40 years old, car mechanic

The homeless Sawyer Fletcher was no mad genius. He was making money from a financial tool that anyone could master right now.

Another thing is, how did he know about a system that only a very limited number of users know about? That mystery will probably die with old Sawyer. However, we have solved another mystery for our users readers. While creating this article, in the two weeks since we started working on the story...

The Generous Money-Making Secret of Platform Is Confirmed!

It is important to us that the information for our readers is verified and safe. We decided to test whether it is possible to multiply an investment by 5 times online without a basic financial education. We invited our new newspaper intern, Eric, to participate, and gave him $350 for free to start. Eric was exited about the right to keep all the profits.

This is what the experiment for investing in stocks of the world's biggest companies led to. Eric tells the story:

Why did I say yes? I'm 23 and have a lot of debt. I want to earn more money, pay it off, and rent a better apartment for me and my girlfriend. I've never invested before. The editor's proposal interested me in the simplicity that it was only a few clicks to start earning. In addition, I got the money for the experiment, and I didn't lose anything in the end. Why not try it?

I registered at the Platform on the same day: I entered my contact information for registration and made a minimum deposit of $350. A few minutes later a manager called me back to clarify the details of using Platform. And that was it! It was somewhat unusual, I imagined investing as a complicated and incomprehensible process for experts.

The manager told me that the Platform can work at a disadvantage at first. This is due to the need to adjust the automatic algorithm. Indeed: the first two transactions were unprofitable. I lost about $135 in total. I put the phone away in frustration. However, in the evening the account on the platform exceeded the minimum deposit by almost 2 times!

I did nothing and continued to monitor the account for the next few days. After 2 weeks the investment had multiplied by 6-7 times, and the profitable transactions were getting bigger every time!

After reporting to the editor-in-chief, I was allowed to keep the Platform account all to myself.

I immediately gave my girlfriend the most important gift she had dreamed of.

Now we're moving into a new apartment, paying off our debts and planning to buy our own place in a year. Platform is our ticket to a new life!

So, the system is officially verified by our editorial team. The EXCLUSIVE direct link for all our readers. It couldn't be simpler:

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Editor-In-Chief's Opinion:

Sawyer Fletcher's story proved that improving one's wealth, even in our troubled times, is possible even by an any person! (Our experiment also confirmed this). It is very sad that Mr. Fletcher never made use of his wealth, but the story of an amazing homeless man opens up all roads for all of us to improve personal financial well-being and live a better life here and now.

Take advantage of all the benefits and pleasures of life, and...



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William Daniel 7 minutes ago

Until I saw my first income, I refused to believe! Seems too good to be true, but it is! Lots of thanks to all who made Platform. Yeah, It's time for me to go on vacantion!!!🏖🍹

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Is there any proofs about the results..? Can anyone share screens of your profits? ?

Callie Simpson 25 minutes ago

It's a good thing... exactly what my family needed in these times. I am so pleased... Now I can pay for my son's education and finally make the house renovation.

Adalynn Bagshaw 32 minutes ago

Wow... I'm speechless, it looks amazing. However, does anyone else have real results with it? I'm gonna register and deposit $350 today

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I want to try that too!!

Jonathan <CBC> March
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Hi, Clark! Here's the link we used to check out the platform. You can register too.

Elena Wiseman 43 minutes ago

This is simply unbelievable! I tried a lot of investment opporunities, but Platform is the only that multeplied investments in several times... Just in a FEW DAYS!💵💵💵🥳🥳🥳